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Building a Ghyston Guide for Allies

We have been developing a Guide for Allies as part of our ED&I work here at Ghyston. The guide helps others to gain a greater understanding of issues surrounding diversity and inclusion. It provides advice and resources for allies of people in marginalised communities including guidance around what language to use and what you can do when you see or hear acts of discrimination.
Rebecca Burton
Rebecca BurtonSoftware Developer
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Glassmorphism in UI

Glassmorphism is one of the new design trends on the block, using transparency, background blur and shadows to create a glass effect and give depth to the UI. Move over flat design: I think there is room for more than one at the top. It started causing a lot of buzz towards the end of 2020 and is set to keep up that momentum this year. So what is it all about?
Andrew Cox
Andrew CoxLead Product Designer
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Our 2021 CSR Plans

Corporate Social Responsibility is a huge priority here at Ghyston, as a team we always looking at ways to give back to our local community. In this blog post we are sharing our 2021 plans to make a difference in Bristol and beyond.
Rich New
Rich NewAccount Manager
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What if it all goes wrong? Part 1 - Know your enemy

Software systems are complex, and where complexity is involved things are bound to go wrong but this doesn't mean we should give up. This blog series looks at what can go wrong with systems and shares practical advice on some high level strategies for building more robust applications.
Alex Potter
Alex PotterTechnical Lead
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Ghyston’s Innovation Day

Working remotely hasn't stopped our culture of learning. In this blog post Charles Rea shares what happened on our latest innovation day.
Charles Rea
Charles ReaTechnical Lead
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How can Technology make your business more efficient?

Technology is key to helping your business grow but with the wrong set up it could be holding you back. In this video blog we explain how to use technology to improve your business efficiency.  
Charles Rea
Charles ReaTechnical Lead
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