Ghyston is on the path to net zero, having purchased 100% permanent carbon removal for our 2021 footprint.

We are on the path to net zero, having purchased 100% permanent carbon removal for our 2021 footprint.

We are excited to work with Supercritical and be part of the community of companies leading the way with climate action. Find out more about the work we have been doing with them.

Dan Phipps
Dan Phipps Managing Director

We had started to look into our footprint in 2020 using local company Spherics to get the  raw data but needed Supercritical’s expertise to help us understand it and prioritise the next step actions. 

Supercritical was recommended to us by Softwire and we were impressed by their commitment and focus on tech companies. The team had obvious expertise and passion so we knew we were in safe hands

It was also important to us that they acknowledged that there was a big problem to be solved and that the way to do this is by sharing knowledge. This positive approach and shared values meant they were a good partner for us.



The data-gathering was thorough and inclusive, with a particularly comprehensive approach to scope 3, including the impact of our hybrid team working model. Supercritical rigorously analysed our data, providing an in-depth breakdown of our emissions and detailed reduction recommendations for how to reduce these going forward. 


Off the back of this  we have created a business plan for ramping up our removal process! We wanted to optimise for permanence, investing in tech for the future, and a ‘portfolio approach’ whereby we can fund numerous different technologies (since no single method will allow us to scale carbon removal to the degree that we need to). Given that, we purchased a portfolio of durable carbon removal, including biochar, enhanced weathering, direct air capture and bio-oil. 

Evidence of the positive impact of these technologies is obviously really important, so Supercritical’s rigorous supplier vetting was essential for giving us complete confidence in the impact and lack of negative side-effects from this. 

Finally, it’s important to distinguish these removal offsets from conventional, avoidance offsets. Removal offsets are typically ~10x the price of conventional offsets, for good reason: conventional offsets involve paying someone else not to emit carbon (but your emissions remain in the atmosphere), whereas removal offsets directly remove your carbon emissions from the atmosphere, meaning you reach a state of net zero emissions. Investing in these technologies now has the double positive impact of immediately, durably removing our emissions, but also contributing to the scaling of the nascent carbon removal industry.

Here’s a helpful summary of the stark difference between conventional and removal offsets, and you can read more here.


We believe in the importance of both emissions reduction and carbon removal. The premise of net zero requires ambitious plans on both fronts, so we aim to halve our per employee emissions by 2030. 

In order to do that, we’re looking into the following reduction areas to streamline our emissions going forward: 

  • Pensions: lobbying our pension provider, maybe switching
  • Veggie policy for company socials and event
  • Reviewing our hardware policy: reusing and buying refurbished
  • Encourage staff to reduce personal emissions with home improvement kits

As such, we believe that we are setting the standard for best in class climate commitment! Collective action is important - we want to share our journey to inspire others and clients to action. Bristol is at the forefront of climate action and we want to be there too!

We already had data on our carbon emissions and had used that information to become carbon neutral, but we needed Supercritical's unique experience and knowledge to take the next step towards Net Zero. We wanted a deeper understanding of where we were with our emissions and their help creating an ambitious path to Net Zero.

It was a pleasure working with Supercritical, they made the process super easy and were helpful throughout. 

With their help Ghyston has a strong plan for Net Zero that our employees are engaged with and that we can inspire our customers and  other tech companies in the South West with.

Dan Phipps
Dan Phipps
Managing Director

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