Introducing the Ghyston Foundation

We are refreshing and refocussing our mission so we can make a bigger positive impact. 

Ric Hill
Ric Hill Founder and CTO

Since bursting onto the Bristol scene in 2012 Ghyston, have been huge supporters of local charities and projects. From raising money (which was a Ghyston record breaking £15,000 last year) to supporting local code clubs to our pro bono development work, our busy CSR team have done a fantastic job of mobilizing our community spirit.  However, we don’t want to stop there. After celebrating our 10th anniversary last year, we decided it was time to formalise our dedication to worthy causes, with a stronger and clearer commitment, and so came The Ghyston Foundation. 

Launching this year, we are committing 10% of our profits to the Foundation and setting out clear goals so we can continue to do more brilliant things. 

The purpose of the Foundation is to:  

  • Build tech for good  
  • Further the cause of software development with a conscience  
  • Support our local community  
  • Increase STEM outreach, with a focus on Equity, Diversity & Inclusion  
  • Support Ghyston employees’ charitable endeavors  

To increase our positive impact and represent the breadth of the Foundation, this year we have decided to have not just one, but two Charities of the Year, voted for by the team. We are delighted to announce this year our “Mission Partner” is Codebar who are creating a diverse tech community and we are looking forward to hosting our first workshop in a couple of weeks for underrepresented groups to help expand their skillset. We will also be working with our “Community Partner” Bristol Northwest Foodbank to help local families who are struggling with the cost of living crisis.  

“I’m excited to be leading a newly-formed Board of Trustees who are committed to maximising the impact of the Ghyston Foundation on the local area and the tech community. Launching the Foundation is a strong public commitment, and once our manifesto is ready I look forward to sharing that too as a clear statement of our intent. I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences on how we can get the most out of the Foundation, the potential pitfalls we should look out for, and any opportunities you think it represents that we may not be seizing as well as we could – please share your advice and stories.” - Ric Hill, Founder & CTO

Ric Hill
Ric Hill
Founder and CTO

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