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Understanding the Power of Digital Twins

We have been having lots of discussions about digital twins, a concept that's gaining significant traction. But what exactly are digital twins, and why are they causing such a stir?
Ric Hill
Ric HillFounder and CTO
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Introducing the Giant Minds Podcast! 🎙️

Hear the latest news from the Bristol Tech Sector straight from , Ben Shorrock, Managing director of TechSpark and champion of Bristol. From the groundbreaking Isambard supercomputer to championing diversity in tech, Ben and Ric have you covered on all fronts.
Ric Hill
Ric HillFounder and CTO
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The Ghyston 2023 Impact Report

Here is what we got up to in 2023 - we are delighted to share with you our impact report for last year.
Gemma Comley
Gemma ComleyMarketing Director
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Design debt - find it, manage it and pay it off

Coined by Ward Cunningham, 'design debt' is all the good design concepts of solutions that you skipped in order to reach short-term goals. It’s all the corners you cut during or after the design stage, the moments when somebody said: “Forget it, let’s do it the simpler way, the users will make do.” In this blog post, our Lead Product Designer, Andrew, explores ways in which you can manage and pay off your design debt
Andrew Cox
Andrew CoxLead Product Designer
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How to make 2024 the year you tackle the big talent shortage

As part of our series on practical business leadership advice for 2024, we’ve put together four steps you can take this year, to make your organisation more effective in its recruitment and retention, and to tackle another common issue: lack of diversity in the team
Emily Hill
Emily HillFounder and CEO
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The Great Resignation: How Tech firms can keep their talent

The Great Resignation: How Tech firms can keep their talent

Over the last few months, employers have been noticing an unusual phenomenon: many of their employees are resigning from their jobs. 

This doesn’t sound that unusual - people resign all the time, but what’s different about this trend is both the numbers involved, and the fact that many of those resigning are not moving to new roles. They’re just resigning.  

This briefing paper looks at how different organisations are tackling this trend. It covers: - 

  • What is driving this trend 

  • How tech firms can mitigate it  

  • The importance of company culture

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Cyber Security Briefing Paper 2: Closing the Security Gap

Cyber Security Briefing Paper 2: Closing the Security Gap

As a continuation of our thought leadership programme, we invited senior people from companies based in Bristol and the South West to come together and reveal the techniques they use around cyber security

In this second briefing paper, we discuss how organisations can protect themselves. There are many things to consider and sometimes making the right decision is quite difficult.

In this report, we examine how to:

  • Use penetration testing to identify software vulnerabilities
  • Integrate security processes into new and updated software applications
  • Utilise certification bodies for guidance around security
Cyber Security: Briefing Paper 1

Cyber Security: Briefing Paper 1

No other topic has dominated the boardroom agenda as consistently as cyber security in recent years. Concerns about the security of IT infrastructure and applications have grown steadily alongside organisations’ increasing reliance on these systems.

In the first of our cyber security briefing papers, we ask our selected organisations how they take steps to protect their organisation’s reputation and day-to-day productivity.

In this report we:

  • Outline the different types of phishing techniques
  • How malicious parties can exploit supplier trust
  • Examine how the human factor can be an advantage around cyber security

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Meet our giant minds

Here are some of the people you might meet.

Jake McKenna

Meet our giant minds

Here are some of the people you might meet.

Jake McKenna, Technical Consultant & Software Developer

Jake started at Ghyston in 2014 as a developer and has had a variety of roles including support engineer, technical sales consultant, and now project manager. He loves working closely with customers to understand their businesses and figure out how we can use technology to help them achieve their goals.

It’s always great when we’re able to talk to a customer, understand their problem, and then make a quick change to our code that saves them hours of work each day. Being able to use technology to solve real problems for people is what I love about my job.
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