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Learning to Build Real-World Technical Solutions: My Experience as a Ghyston Intern by Reece Coombes

Over the last 8 weeks, we have had a group of interns working closely with the team here at Ghyston. Before they left us, we asked a couple of them how they had found the experience. Reece Coombes reflects on his time with us – read on to find out more.
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CSR Blog: Q2 Review

Welcome to the Ghyston CSR Q2 blog. This quarterly blog has a roundup of our last quarter (and a little bit more) to showcase what we've been up to.
Rich New
Rich NewClient Services Manager
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Bristol Women in Business Charter

In March this year, Ghyston became a signatory for the Bristol Women in Business Charter. The Charter supports Bristol businesses to create gender-equal workplaces, an area we continue to develop at Ghyston.
Emily Hill
Emily HillFounder and CEO
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Building a Ghyston Guide for Allies

We have been developing a Guide for Allies as part of our ED&I work here at Ghyston. The guide helps others to gain a greater understanding of issues surrounding diversity and inclusion. It provides advice and resources for allies of people in marginalised communities including guidance around what language to use and what you can do when you see or hear acts of discrimination.
Rebecca Burton
Rebecca BurtonSoftware Developer
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Glassmorphism in UI

Glassmorphism is one of the new design trends on the block, using transparency, background blur and shadows to create a glass effect and give depth to the UI. Move over flat design: I think there is room for more than one at the top. It started causing a lot of buzz towards the end of 2020 and is set to keep up that momentum this year. So what is it all about?
Andrew Cox
Andrew CoxLead Designer
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Networks and Partnerships for Sustainability: Briefing Paper

Networks and Partnerships for Sustainability: Briefing Paper

Earlier this year, we invited senior people from companies based in Bristol and the South West to come together and share how they use data to aid them with sustainability targets.

In the last of our three sustainability briefing papers, we ask our selected organisations to discuss the various networks and partnerships available within the sustainability space.

There is a multitude of sustainability routes available to organisations, and it’s not always clear which one to choose.

In this report, we:

  • Look at how to source businesses that share your sustainability values.
  • Suggest ways of creating sustainability led internal culture.
  • Provide a handy network sustainability resource guide to get you started.
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Funding for Sustainability Briefing Paper

Funding for Sustainability Briefing Paper

In the second of our three briefing papers around sustainability, we ask our selected organisations to discuss their experiences around sourcing incentives and gaining finance to implement their sustainability plans.

With sustainability becoming a top-of-mind concern for individuals, organisations and governments alike, there are increasing ways of accessing funding for sustainability-related projects.

In this report, we cover how:

  • Sustainability and efficiency are inextricably linked.
  • To navigate the confusing government funding landscape.
  • Partnership working can increase funding and learning opportunities.
  • To source cost-saving schemes at a local as well as national level.
  • How to measure and report on your sustainability impacts to help gain more funding.
  • To use incentives to motivate customers and suppliers.
Data Driven Sustainability Briefing Paper

Data Driven Sustainability Briefing Paper

In the first of our three briefing papers around sustainability, we ask our selected organisations to share how they collect and analyse emissions data for their organisation.

It seems that, when it comes to sustainability, data is critical.

In this report, we examine how data:

  • Can help us to understand patterns of consumption
  • Can be used to incentivise and nudge customers and organisations to make better choices around sustainability
  • Can help to build and measure services based entirely around sustainable solutions
Post-COVID Recruitment: Briefing Paper

Post-COVID Recruitment: Briefing Paper

In the third of our three briefing papers, we ask our selected organisations to contemplate how, once COVID restrictions have eased, we will find and successfully integrate new talent into organisations where people no longer share the same physical space.

Signs point to a significant shift in how work and home are structured.

In this report, we examine:

  • How previous geographical constraints have been transformed by the pandemic
  • How the magnetic appeal of big cities may be losing some of their power
  • How a larger virtual talent pool also means increased competition for the right people.

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Meet our giant minds

Here are some of the people you might meet.

Jake McKenna

Meet our giant minds

Here are some of the people you might meet.

Jake McKenna, Technical Consultant

Jake started at Ghyston in 2014 as a developer and has had a variety of roles including support engineer, technical sales consultant, and now project manager. He loves working closely with customers to understand their businesses and figure out how we can use technology to help them achieve their goals.

It’s always great when we’re able to talk to a customer, understand their problem, and then make a quick change to our code that saves them hours of work each day. Being able to use technology to solve real problems for people is what I love about my job.
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