We are officially one of the UK's Best Companies to work for

We are officially one of the UK's Best Companies to work for

Yep, that’s right! The results from Best Companies are in, and Ghyston have been recognised as one the best workplaces in the UK.

Emily Hill
Emily Hill Founder and CEO

Yep, that’s right! The results from Best Companies are in, and Ghyston have been recognised as:  

  • The 6th Best Place to work in the South West 
  • The 11th Best Technology Company to work for  
  • The 16th Best Small Company to work for 

These results are really important to us as they reflect how the team feels about working here, as the rankings are based on the results of a specialised b-heard survey.  Questions were asked around eight key areas including leadership and management, opportunities for personal growth, wellbeing, and giving something back to the community. Best Companies have highlighted three aspects from the survey which made Ghyston stand out to them.  

We love working here! 

97% of the team agreed that they love working at Ghyston and Best Companies highlighted our regular Innovation days as one of the reasons why. This time to down tools to explore, learn or nail down something of interest, often with others from across the business is definitely something we all look forward to! 

We care about each other 

It is important to us that no one has Monday morning blues. Line Managers have regular training to ensure they have the tools and equipment to support their team members.  We also have access to online coaching for anyone who needs help with a specific problem. This is all paying off as 95% of staff agreed that their manager cares about how satisfied they are with their job.  

 It is fun to work at Ghyston 

97% of staff agreed their team is fun to work with! We put a huge amount of time and effort into creating a team that is based on real friendships and understanding of each other. Our elected morale officers and employee lead social calendar full of inclusive and diverse activities give us time outside of the office to really get to know one another.  

This is more than just a survey. The insight lets us see where we excel and where meaningful changes can be made.  We have our eyes set on the number one spot, so watch this space as we continue to evolve.  

Fancy joining us?  

If you are interested in joining our team, then check out our careers page here for our current opportunities.

Emily Hill
Emily Hill
Founder and CEO

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