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Explorative Research and when to use it

Making sense of the mass of voices from users, colleagues, and your own imagination
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Finding the simplest solution

How one client saved 6-8 working days a year with a one-line formula
Sam Millner
Sam MillnerTechnical Consultant & Project Manager
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Stop Bugging Me

Why all software issues seem to be referred to as ‘bugs’ and why we need a better understanding of different types of issues and how to define them.
Fraser Powell
Fraser PowellHead of QA
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What is quality?

Is quality an objective measurement and can it truly be defined and applied to software?
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Our story

In 2012 husband and wife team Ric and Emily Hill escaped the big city of London and created what is now Ghyston - here is their story.
Ric Hill
Ric HillFounder and CTO
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