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What does Agile really mean?

As a technical pre-sales specialist, Jake strives to slay jargon and buzzwords from conversations with customers. Here's his take on Agile and what you need to know about it.
Jake McKenna
Jake McKennaTechnical Consultant & Software Developer
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Test all the things

Why we ‘test’ all aspects of our work, not just software - prior to project inception, throughout the lifecycle and beyond delivery.
Fraser Powell
Fraser PowellHead of QA
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Finding the simplest solution

How one client saved 6-8 working days a year with a one-line formula
Sam Millner
Sam MillnerTechnical Consultant & Project Manager
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Stop Bugging Me

Why all software issues seem to be referred to as ‘bugs’ and why we need a better understanding of different types of issues and how to define them.
Fraser Powell
Fraser PowellHead of QA
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