Will geeks inherit the earth? The votes are in!

We chucked another question into the fray and got some enlightening answers from the team


Last time we asked the team "What makes an interface good?" and compared the responses across different roles. We thought we would mix it up a bit with a less serious question - "Will geeks inherit the Earth?" Even the interpretation of this question as serious or fun may reveal a lot about you; our team certainly had a varied and divided response, and the vote count was split 4-4! Always the sign of a good question - although admittedly factoring in for jokey answers does swing things towards a 'Yes'.

No! (4 votes)

"Nah – it will be their Project Managers :)" ~ Project manager

"No, they’ll spend too long debating the optimal framework for implementing earth 2.0" ~ Developer

"No. Certainly as we rely on technology to run more and more of life, those who really understand the systems underneath will have more power. But no, unless we broaden the definition of geek to 'gadget owner', that's a big leap." ~ UX

"No, the Cheesemakers will inherit the earth." ~ A Monty Python fan

Yes! (4 votes)

"I think they already have; complex interactions with technology are now part of daily life when not that long ago anyone using the internet in their free time would have been branded a “geek”. We all have a smartphone and for many of us it’s an indispensable tool, used near-constantly throughout the day for practical purposes but also for entertainment – and having the latest and greatest device is far from being geeky, in fact it’s fashionable and somewhat of a status symbol." ~ Developer

"Yes." ~ A succinct developer

"They already have, we are a generation of geeks; just look at all the technology we are reliant on and using on a daily basis. That time is now!" ~ Designer

"I'd argue they already have! By market valuation, Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Facebook are the top five most valuable companies in the world. Geeks have totally transformed the way we live, work and communicate - and I'm sure we will continue to do so!" ~ Sales

Dodging the question (1 vote)

"Eventually there won't be an earth left to inherit... oooohh that's dark here's a puppy to cheer things up" ~ Joker


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