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Breaking into Software Development

Alex discusses where to start with software development, and the outlook that you need to apply for a job.
Alex Potter
Alex PotterTechnical Lead
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Three little birds part 3 - intuitive

Intuitive software is achieved by providing smooth and predictable user journeys. Our QA manager's third and final bird of wisdom!
Fraser Powell
Fraser PowellHead of QA
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Careers fair season is upon us!

We are about to paint the campuses Ghyston Green in the upcoming careers fairs! In this post we take you through how we gain such consistently high feedback from them.
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The big rebrand - one year on

As we approach the year mark since we decided to jump in the branding deep-end, we reflect on the decision and discuss the reasons, questions and difficulties involved.
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Value through quality

We believe that you don't have to choose between quality and value in software
Ric Hill
Ric HillFounder and Chairman
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