Bespoke software development

Crafting robust, reliable and maintainable software, carefully designed around your business, whatever industry you’re in.

We’re a team of tech experts who are passionate problem solvers. We thrive on creating software to solve even your toughest business challenges. Whether you require a website, mobile, desktop or server application, we’ve got it covered.

Equipped with the very best technologies and design techniques, our team will work collaboratively with you throughout the software development process – from initial specification through to design, development and delivery – as your trusted technology partner.

Meet your dream team

Danielle Mew
Danielle Mew

Project Manager

Andrew Cox
Andrew Cox

Lead Designer

Charles Rea
Charles Rea

Technical Lead

Fraser Powell
Fraser Powell

Head of QA

How can we help you?

  • I’ve got a legacy system that needs replacing

    We build the software that businesses rely on, and we build it to last. When replacing legacy systems, we try not to be too tied to the way things are currently done and look for opportunities to use modern technologies to create systems that are more powerful and easier to use than before.

  • We’ve got a business process that we’d like to streamline or support

    Our consultants and business analysts are able to quickly get a firm understanding of your business processes and what you want to achieve. They combine that understanding with their knowledge of technology to come up with cost effective options on how you can best make use of software to achieve your goals. We can then transform these ideas into reliable software, providing the platform for your business to grow.

  • Help! My spreadsheets are getting unwieldy

    As businesses grow, the spreadsheets that worked so well in the early days can become unmanageable at scale. We’ve worked with a number of businesses to bring their spreadsheet-based processes into the 21st century, and introduce a host of opportunities - whether that’s new insights into their data or the ability to work concurrently and collaboratively.

  • I’ve got more work than my development team can handle

    Our development team is great at working alongside in-house development teams and our clients find this a valuable way to share knowledge and industry best practices. We are happy to work as an independent scrum team, or to fully integrate ourselves with your developers in a mixed team.

  • We’ve got an idea for technology that will transform our industry

    We’ve worked with a number of clients using technology to revolutionise their industry. Our collaborative approach lets our clients see working software from the start and allows them to shape the technology as it is built, used and tested in the real world.

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Why use us for software development

Value through quality

We pride ourselves on delivering value through quality by creating software that is scalable and has low ongoing maintenance costs. Our goal is to provide you with a solution that will offer significant value to your business.


We work best as an extension of your team. That way we can ensure that we understand exactly what you need and create that through the build process. By working closely with you, we can utilise your existing resource and feed our knowledge of best practices back into your team.


We are fully transparent about project processes and give regular updates and demos. We love to get feedback to make sure that we are delivering exactly what you want. We encourage regular acceptance testing throughout the process, and user testing wherever we can.

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