How we simplified ONEPOST’s processes

ONEPOST is a full-service postal management company that helps its clients with the planning, production, delivery and logistics of their mailing campaigns. As part of The Delivery Group, ONEPOST’s services include; high and low volume mail, packets and parcels, catalogue fulfillment and data services.

The brief

ONEPOST was managing projects with an off-the-shelf system which they’d customised over the years but which now wasn’t fit for purpose. Many tasks were being carried out manually and any increases in volume of work required investment in resource. The project process was clunky, slower than necessary and significant manual effort was spent ensuring errors didn’t occur. Our brief was clear: to find or create a tool that would fit with ONEPOST’s unique needs and ways of working, simplify their processes, reduce risk of error and ultimately save them time and money.

The challenge

Each mailing job is worked on by a number of different people and departments in ONEPOST. The jobs are often complex and the pathway isn’t always linear, with some jobs bouncing back and forth between departments. The fragmented project management system meant that some departments had developed different ways of working on a job, with manual and automated processes required to process the job correctly. And because there’s little margin for error, even the smallest slip could have big consequences.

What we did

We began with a discovery project to help ONEPOST get a clear start-to-finish overview of their processes. Having concluded that there was no one off-the-shelf product that would meet all their requirements, we designed a bespoke solution with input from all of the relevant stakeholders. This wasn’t an easy process as many requirements were hidden beneath layers of complexity that weren’t uncovered until the project was underway. Sensitivity was also required to ensure everyone’s views, needs, and ways of working were taken into account, so that uptake of the end product would be seamless.

The results

Even before we began the development project, we were able to add value by helping ONEPOST to step back and understand their business better, creating simplicity throughout the process.

The new tool we created has been met with unanimous approval from users, with significant process efficiencies, improved management information whilst removing the risk of many errors and reducing time spent checking jobs.

What ONEPOST say

Building a large-scale bespoke system is a risky undertaking for any business – and thankfully Ghyston made it straightforward for us.

They have built us a custom solution that has delivered the promised business case benefits, on time with high quality code and little pain. They have patiently hand-held us through our first use of an Agile methodology, skillfully managing both requirements changes and scope creep – transforming our core business processes and becoming a trusted partner.