Software support

Put your business-critical software in safe hands

Whether you have a legacy system that’s giving you headaches, a new piece of software that needs maintaining, or you simply want to outsource your ongoing support - we can help.

Our dedicated support engineers will work as an extension of your team to ensure that your software is always running, giving you and your team the freedom to focus on your bigger business goals.

Talk to us – you may be surprised just how much we can help.

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Software support

“Ghyston are fantastic. Within hours of taking on support of our system they had fixed a critical issue. Their approach and communication is second to none."

Melanie Knight, CEO of Deki

How we work

More than just keeping the lights on

Your core support team will create detailed documentation of your software so that should additional engineers be required at any time, they can get up to speed very quickly, giving you peace of mind that whatever problems arise, your system is in safe hands.

We always agree and work within SLA’s that ensure we’re delivering to meet your needs. We endeavour to identify pain points that we can improve on to increase the life expectancy of your system and meet your evolving business needs.

Your technical partner

Beyond the immediate support, maintenance and minor enhancements, as your technical partner we're on hand to provide technical advice on any query you may have. Our software experts have worked on complex projects across many industries so have a vast bank of knowledge to draw on. Perhaps you want to know whether an idea you have could work technically, or whether a particular technology should be chosen over another - no matter how obscure your tech question, we're always happy to help!