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Chances are that the difference between the success or failure of your project won’t be down to the technology you choose but rather getting the right people on board. Let’s look at how you can build a team to propel you towards success.  


Teamwork makes the dream work, a cheesy saying but one that is never truer than when it comes to digital transformation. Chances are that the difference between the success or failure of your project won’t be down to the technology you choose but rather getting the right people on board. Let’s look at how you can build a team to propel you towards success.

Assemble your internal team

The result of your digital transformation project is going to permanently change the way your company does business. So, it makes sense that you need your existing team fully engaged to ensure the new ways of working are adopted. Having key internal stakeholders involved in the project means you can maximise on their experience and ensure they become the biggest champions.

An outside perspective

The very nature of digital transformation means you are doing something new, and as such it is unlikely you will have all the skills in house to do it completely on your own. So bringing in external expertise, either as individuals or an organisation, will be key to getting both the capability and the capacity that you need.

If you know the right individuals to help, great: this tends to be the cheaper option and can be very effective if good, trusting relationships already exist, However, working with people you don’t know comes at a high risk. Finding great people is hard and can take time, so bringing an organisation in can be a slightly more expensive but ultimately better option as they can quickly bring a range of skills to the table with people who already work together well.

Finding help that fits

Digital transformation should be an enjoyable process and having people that you like working with is key to this. When choosing the right organisation or individual to partner with, look beyond their technical skill set. Find out what they are like and what makes them tick. Check their processes, their approach to solving problems and how they react to the inevitable unforeseen. Does it tally with how you like to work? Trust and cultural fit are important to making this relationship work.

Value not cost

In the tech world more than any other, value and cost are not the same thing. One brilliant person is literally worth ten mediocre ones, so remember to look beyond day rate and think about what is really going to make a difference.

On a digital transformation journey?

If you are embarking on making big changes in your business, then check out our recent webinar on the Principles of Digital Transformation for more tips on how to make your next project a success.


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