What is a Usability Evaluation?

How we measure ease-of-use and what we typically provide for our customers.


The usability of your product is a measure of how easy it is to use.

Intuitive, smooth, clear, simple – these are all words people use to describe good usability. And it’s something that users have come to expect. In the early days of the web we were just happy we could do things without leaving the house – now expectations have soared and if something isn’t available anytime and anywhere with an intuitive interface – we are not interested.

This is why you need the answer to all these questions to be a resounding ‘Yes’:

  • Can people find what they need?
  • Can they see things clearly?
  • Is all language appropriate?
  • Do pages behave as expected?
  • Are there clues to help people navigate?
  • Is there any help available?

Your users may let you know about poor usability through social media or surveys – or maybe you are seeing errors being made, or seeing a disappointing conversion rate. The answers to your woes are often hidden – achieving an easy interface requires difficult decisions to be made behind the scenes. The symptoms are on the surface but the cure can be in the architecture.

We offer a full usability evaluation of a product, drawing on a wealth of experience and using tried and tested principles.

We provide practical recommendations for now – and considerations for the future. Without talking with users – you will not get all the answers. Nevertheless, this is a cost-effective method to find all the right problems to solve, and to solve a decent chunk of them. For the rest, we will advise you on the best research methods and what questions you need to be asking of your product and your business. For the immediate future, you will get a list of easy wins – improving usability with little or no development time.

Typically we will spend 3-4 days reviewing your product and producing a full report, which we will talk through with you. We can also present it to a team, produce example solutions in any level of fidelity you like, or write your roadmap for you.


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