What do we do to make our employees happy? Part 3

The final instalment in a series on what we do to provide a great work environment.

Emily Hill
Emily Hill Founder and CEO

This is the third and final instalment in my series on what we do to provide a great work environment, reflected in our achievement of being named the 2017 Happiest Small Business in Bristol by Wylde IA.

In the first two parts I discussed the positive effects of creating the right work environment and of focussing on the employee for a motivated, productive and happy team. In this post I’ll talk about how we work hard to be the sort of company that people can be proud to work for.

So, we’ve provided the latest gadgets, bought in the free food and drinks, and worked hard to train and motivate employees to do a great job. But what are we all doing here again? Our mission at Ghyston is to take people and organisations from technical ambition to technical success. We aim to create software that makes our clients’ businesses better and improves the lives of its users as much as possible. We employ people who like to problem solve and who like to do a job really well, and that’s exactly what we offer our clients.

Looking outward, part of our purpose is to contribute to the wider community, to work for a sustainable future, and to help those less fortunate. We do this through offering free or cheap support time to local charities, supporting initiatives to introduce young people to tech, being responsible about our environmental footprint, and regular fundraising activities.

Our values include transparency and honesty, not just from the company to our clients but also from the company to our staff. We seek employee opinion before we make big business decisions and are always open about the financials of the company, and our forward plans. We want our employees to have a say in the direction of Ghyston and we feel that we will be most successful if we all help steer the course. We want staff to have ownership and to know how important each of them are to the success and future of our business and I think we are successful in that.

Ultimately we want everyone at Ghyston to be motivated by doing a great job for the company and each other, rather than just for a free beer, as that’s what gives us the warm fuzzy feeling that lasts beyond the end of the day!

We were so chuffed to have been judged the Happiest Small Workplace in Bristol by Wylde IA and we loved meeting the other winners and hearing their happiness stories. As a result I have a number of ideas of things we can do next year to be even happier!

Emily Hill
Emily Hill
Founder and CEO

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