Digital transformation - three questions to ask yourself

Keeping up is a valid motivator for engaging with digital transformation. But rather than charging in blindly, stop and ask yourself these three important questions first.

Ric Hill 25-02-19 5 minute read

Will Geeks inherit the Earth? The votes are in!

We chucked another question into the fray and got some enlightening answers from the team

Ghyston 28-08-18 3 minute read

Is 'Serverless' the next big flop?

Is 'Serverless' the next big flop?

Conor O'Neill 14-08-18 3 minute read

Testing out a 3rd party API by making a real app

Tasked with looking into a 3rd party API, we took the opportunity to develop a useful and usable application with unfamiliar technologies

Alex Potter 06-08-18 3 minute read

What does Agile really mean?

As a technical pre-sales specialist, Jake strives to slay jargon and buzzwords from conversations with customers. Here's his take on Agile and what you need to know about it.

Jake McKenna 25-04-18 5 minute read

Automating Humour on Slack with “Memebot”

Matt identified a significant improvement to the experience of office humour - and set about writing a bespoke software solution.

Matt March 09-03-18 5 minute read