Three little birds part 3 - intuitive

Intuitive software is achieved by providing smooth and predictable user journeys. Our QA manager's third and final bird of wisdom!

Fraser Powell 02-11-18 3 minute read

Three little birds: Simple, Clear and Intuitive - Part 1

Simple. Clear. Intuitive. Three little words that help my approach to the quality of my work, processes, deliverables, communications and just about all aspects of my life.

Fraser Powell 04-09-18 3 minute read

Value through quality

We believe that you don't have to choose between quality and value in software

Ric Hill 30-07-18 3 minute read

Manual Testing - an inconvenient truth

Why manual testing will always remain despite increased reliance on test automation, and how it can still provide exceptional value

Fraser Powell 30-06-18 6 minute read

What makes an interface good?

Five different answers from five different roles

Ghyston 28-06-18 3 minute read

Test All the Things part 2: What are all the things?

A dose of Fraser’s inimitable wisdom on the subject of things.

Fraser Powell 04-05-18 7 minute read

Test all the things

Why we ‘test’ all aspects of our work, not just software - prior to project inception, throughout the lifecycle and beyond delivery.

Fraser Powell 17-04-18 5 minute read

Stop Bugging Me

Why all software issues seem to be referred to as ‘bugs’ and why we need a better understanding of different types of issues and how to define them.

Fraser Powell 08-12-17 5 minute read

What is quality?

Is quality an objective measurement and can it truly be defined and applied to software?

Fraser Powell 14-11-17 3 minute read

Why code reviews are crucial

We review all code that we produce - because we know this process significantly reduces the cost of ownership.

Jake McKenna 11-08-17 3 minute read