12 ways Agile will make your software project a success

We believe Agile working is not only good for developers, but for clients and all project stakeholders. Here, Danielle Mew discusses how and why the Agile methodology can benefit your project at all stages.

Danielle Mew 29-05-19 5 minute read

Design in an agile world

Friends - don't let this make your head explode, but what if design is never finished? OK never is a bit dramatic but what if design keeps evolving during the project, and changes are encouraged throughout?

Andrew Cox 14-06-18 4 minute read

How to innovate

Ric shares his experiences of building agile development business cases centred around innovation

Ric Hill 04-06-18 4 minute read

Test All the Things part 2: What are all the things?

A dose of Fraser’s inimitable wisdom on the subject of things.

Fraser Powell 04-05-18 7 minute read

What does Agile really mean?

As a technical pre-sales specialist, Jake strives to slay jargon and buzzwords from conversations with customers. Here's his take on Agile and what you need to know about it.

Jake McKenna 25-04-18 5 minute read