Which database should I use?

By definition, living in an information age means we have an awful lot of data. And in order for us to use that data, it needs to be organised. Enter the database.

Joe Lee-Moyet 15-03-19 6 minute read

7 questions to ask before appointing a software partner

Embarking on a new software project is a big deal and one of the most important decisions you’ll make in the early stages is which software development company to work with.

Dan Phipps 01-02-19 6 minute read

How do I start writing code?

There are so many programming languages to choose from, choosing the right one to start learning can be a daunting proposition.

Alex Potter 08-01-19 4 minute read

The art of data migration

How we tackled a challenging data migration job

David Linfield 14-12-18 4 minute read

Breaking into Software Development

Alex discusses where to start with software development, and the outlook that you need to apply for a job.

Alex Potter 22-11-18 3 minute read

Manual Testing - an inconvenient truth

Why manual testing will always remain despite increased reliance on test automation, and how it can still provide exceptional value

Fraser Powell 30-06-18 6 minute read