Is Bespoke worth it? Part Two

In part one we asked if custom-written - or ‘Bespoke’ software is worth investing in. Our answer was (unsurprisingly) it depends! This article discusses more about how we think about the business case.

Sam Milner 05-12-18 4 minute read

Is Bespoke worth it?

Bespoke and Off-the-Shelf software both have pros and cons. Sam discusses these and suggests how to help your business decide.

Sam Milner 16-11-18 3 minute read

Value through quality

We believe that you don't have to choose between quality and value in software - Founder Ric Hill explores some of the reasons why.

Ric Hill 30-07-18 3 minute read

How to innovate

Ric shares his experiences of building agile development business cases centred around innovation

Ric Hill 04-06-18 4 minute read

Inspiring tomorrow's engineers

A different day in the life of a developer - volunteering at a Robotics challenge for 11-14 year olds.

Hayley Ross 29-03-18 5 minute read

Finding the simplest solution

How one client saved 6-8 working days a year with a one-line formula

Sam Milner 16-02-18 3 minute read