Our thoughts on software development and beyond

What's with the name?

According to Bristol legend, Ghyston was a bright and industrious giant who won a challenge by digging the Avon gorge.

Ghyston 14-08-17 1 minute read

When should I outsource?

Is outsourcing always the best option? We bring you a handy flowchart to help you decide.

Antonia Reynolds 11-08-17 1 minute read

Why code reviews are crucial

We review all code that we produce - because we know this process significantly reduces the cost of ownership.

Jake McKenna 11-08-17 3 minute read

Building great development teams

Our philosophy on developer empowerment and how we put it into practice.

David Linfield 08-08-17 4 minute read

Developing dashboard items for JIRA

We use JIRA to track tasks and issues on all of our projects, facilitating collaboration and tracking progress; many of our customers also find custom JIRA dashboards very useful. Here's how they work.

Hayley Ross 07-08-17 3 minute read