Our thoughts on software development and beyond

7 questions to ask before appointing a software partner

Embarking on a new software project is a big deal and one of the most important decisions you’ll make in the early stages is which software development company to work with.

Dan Phipps 01-02-19 6 minute read

How do I start writing code?

There are so many programming languages to choose from, choosing the right one to start learning can be a daunting proposition.

Alex Potter 08-01-19 4 minute read

The art of data migration

How we tackled a challenging data migration job

David Linfield 14-12-18 4 minute read

Is Bespoke worth it? Part Two

In part one we asked if custom-written - or ‘Bespoke’ software is worth investing in. Our answer was (unsurprisingly) it depends! This article discusses more about how we think about the business case.

Sam Milner 05-12-18 4 minute read

Developer internships at Ghyston - Andrew

Andrew shares his 8 weeks' experience in the heart of the Ghyston development team.

Ghyston 01-12-18 3 minute read

Are you smarter than a graduate? - The answer!

We reveal the answer to the fiendish problem set for students at careers fairs this year - did you solve it?

Ghyston 29-11-18 3 minute read