Our thoughts on software development and beyond

The benefits of rapid prototyping: A Case Study

Rapid prototyping has existed in physical industries such as design and engineering for many decades. Producing scale models to demonstrate appearance and functionality can save time, reduce cost and improve innovation.

David Giles 16-07-19 4 minute read

How to get your software project done faster

What can YOU do to get your software project done faster? Here, our Technical Project Manager David Linfield discusses what you can do to help develop the best product within a realistic time frame.

David Linfield 26-06-19 4 minute read

How AI can get you more sales

At Ghyston, we're really excited about the potential of artificial intelligence and machine learning.Our CEO Emily Hill discusses how AI can utilise data to help increase your company's sales.

Emily Hill 11-06-19 4 minute read

12 ways Agile will make your software project a success

We believe Agile working is not only good for developers, but for clients and all project stakeholders. Here, Danielle Mew discusses how and why the Agile methodology can benefit your project at all stages.

Danielle Mew 29-05-19 5 minute read

Legacy systems - can they be maintained?

Within Ghyston we have a department that is dedicated entirely to supporting legacy systems for our clients. A legacy system is one that a business still relies on for some parts of its functionality but uses technology that has been superceded or written in old languages.

Martin Thorn 02-05-19 5 minute read

Software scoping - a step-by-step guide to doing it right

In a nutshell, software scoping is the process of understanding the underlying business need and defining how that’s going to translate into a piece of software that addresses those needs in the best way.

Sam Millner 02-04-19 6 minute read