The thinking

Emily Hill becomes Chief Executive Officer of Ghyston

The management of Ghyston has changed - here are all the details.


Ghyston Ghyston

It’s official! Ghyston is the ‘Best Technological or Creative Business’ in Bristol

We are always keen to tell our story and to showcase the great software and services our team work so hard to produce. So when the Bristol Post Business Awards 2018 call for entries was issued Client Success Strategist Helen Cassley was hot on the case.


Ghyston Ghyston

Manual Testing - an inconvenient truth

Why manual testing will always remain despite increased reliance on test automation, and how it can still provide exceptional value


Fraser Powell Fraser Powell

Design in an agile world

Friends - don't let this make your head explode, but what if design is never finished? OK never is a bit dramatic but what if design keeps evolving during the project, and changes are encouraged throughout?


Andrew Cox Andrew Cox

How to innovate

Ric shares his experiences of building agile development business cases centred around innovation


Ric Hill Ric Hill

Internships at Ghyston - Alex

We take on talented software developers as interns every summer and give real project experience.


Emily Hill Emily Hill

Explorative Research and when to use it

Making sense of the mass of voices from users, colleagues, and your own imagination


Mike Harris Mike Harris

Blood, Sweat and Pancakes for our charity of the year - Young Bristol!

The Bristol 10k, and other things we've done this year to support Young Bristol


Antonia Reynolds Antonia Reynolds

Internships at Ghyston - Sam

We offer several software development internships every summer for bright and enthusiastic graduates, and give them first-hand experience right away.


Emily Hill Emily Hill

Test All the Things part 2: What are all the things?

A dose of Fraser’s inimitable wisdom on the subject of things.


Fraser Powell Fraser Powell

What does Agile really mean?

As a technical pre-sales specialist, Jake strives to slay jargon and buzzwords from conversations with customers. Here's his take on Agile and what you need to know about it.


Jake McKenna Jake McKenna

Test all the things

Why we ‘test’ all aspects of our work, not just software - prior to project inception, throughout the lifecycle and beyond delivery.


Fraser Powell Fraser Powell

How to run a creative workshop

Workshops are a great way to collaborate and solve complex problems together - here are a few tips for facilitating


Mike Harris Mike Harris

What do we do to make our employees happy? Part 3

The final instalment in a series on what we do to provide a great work environment.


Emily Hill Emily Hill

Inspiring tomorrow's engineers

A different day in the life of a developer - volunteering at a Robotics challenge for 11-14 year olds.


Hayley Ross Hayley Ross

Automating Humour on Slack with “Memebot”

Matt identified a significant improvement to the experience of office humour - and set about writing a bespoke software solution.


Matt March Matt March

Finding the simplest solution

How one client saved 6-8 working days a year with a one-line formula


Sam Millner Sam Millner

Why should I care about Code Quality?

Martin talks us through why the software industry should wake up and smell the quality.


Martin Thorn Martin Thorn

Design Ethics at Ghyston

How we design and build with an ethical approach


Mike Harris Mike Harris

What do we do to make our employees happy? Part 2

In this post I want to talk about the second of our three themes for what we do to create a happy workplace - our employees.


Emily Hill Emily Hill

Give it up for our charity of the year, Emmaus!

A look back at the last 12 months of supporting our charity of the year, Emmaus Bristol.


Antonia Reynolds Antonia Reynolds

Stop Bugging Me

Why all software issues seem to be referred to as ‘bugs’ and why we need a better understanding of different types of issues and how to define them.


Fraser Powell Fraser Powell

Farmer, Drummer, Commercial Sales Manager?

Andrew takes us through his career journey to date and the lessons he's learnt along the way.


Andrew Skinner Andrew Skinner

What do we do to make our employees happy?

We recently won the Wyle IA award for Bristol’s happiest workplace – here’s the first part in the series on what we do to create such a happy workplace.


Emily Hill Emily Hill

We're officially the happiest small workplace in Bristol!

What an honour! We’ve just been awarded the accolade of Happiest Small Workplace in Bristol!


Lauralei Chapman-Ludgate Lauralei Chapman-Ludgate

What is quality?

Is quality an objective measurement and can it truly be defined and applied to software?


Fraser Powell Fraser Powell

The importance of prototyping

How rapid prototyping could help you get your software right first time


Mike Harris Mike Harris

What is a Usability Evaluation?

How we measure ease-of-use and what we typically provide for our customers.


Mike Harris Mike Harris

Why we write on walls

To make great custom software, you've got to scribble it on a wall first


Mike Harris Mike Harris

Our story

In 2012 husband and wife team Ric and Emily Hill escaped the big city of London and created what is now Ghyston - here is their story.


Ric Hill Ric Hill

Softwire Bristol is becoming Ghyston

We are becoming Ghyston! Here's what it means for you.


Ric Hill Ric Hill

What's with the name?

According to Bristol legend, Ghyston was a bright and industrious giant who won a challenge by digging the Avon gorge.


Ghyston Ghyston

When should I outsource?

Is outsourcing always the best option? We bring you a handy flowchart to help you decide.


Antonia Reynolds Antonia Reynolds

Why code reviews are crucial

We review all code that we produce - because we know this process significantly reduces the cost of ownership.


Jake McKenna Jake McKenna

The key to collaborative software development and knowledge transfer

Our philosophy on developer empowerment and how we put it into practice.


David Linfield David Linfield

Developing dashboard items for JIRA

We use JIRA to track tasks and issues on all of our projects, facilitating collaboration and tracking progress; many of our customers also find custom JIRA dashboards very useful. Here's how they work.


Hayley Ross Hayley Ross