Our thoughts on software development and beyond

Internships at Ghyston - Marco

In his 8-week stint with us Marco learnt many new things, not only slotting right into the development team but also into the rowing crew!

Ghyston 14-09-18 3 minute read

Three little birds: Simple, Clear and Intuitive - Part 1

Simple. Clear. Intuitive. Three little words that help my approach to the quality of my work, processes, deliverables, communications and just about all aspects of my life.

Fraser Powell 04-09-18 3 minute read

Will Geeks inherit the Earth? The votes are in!

We chucked another question into the fray and got some enlightening answers from the team

Ghyston 28-08-18 3 minute read

The big rebrand - one year on

As we approach the year mark since we decided to jump in the branding deep-end, we reflect on the decision and discuss the reasons, questions and difficulties involved.

Ghyston 20-08-18 5 minute read

Is 'Serverless' the next big flop?

Is 'Serverless' the next big flop?

Conor O'Neill 14-08-18 3 minute read

Testing out a 3rd party API by making a real app

Tasked with looking into a 3rd party API, we took the opportunity to develop a useful and usable application with unfamiliar technologies

Alex Potter 06-08-18 3 minute read