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Health check your technology and get peace of mind

Are your software systems starting to show their age? Or perhaps you're looking for expert reassurance that your infrastructure can support an area of business change or growth. Whatever the technical challenge, we can help.

Our experience spans many industries and technologies, and we've used all we've learned to develop an expert understanding of software and industry best (and worst!) practice. This experience along with our keen interest in the latest technologies means that we confidently ensure that you have the very best tools, systems and processes needed to achieve your business goals.

You can expect:

A ready-made team of experts

We are a team of independent yet collaborative experts, who can be trusted to get the job done. We can provide all the roles and skills you need to create amazing software, from design to DevOps.

Software that flexes to your business

We create scalable software that can grow with your business volume. And it'll easily flex for new features too, so is always ready for business change.

Peace of mind

Throughout the design, build and support lifecycle, we only do exceptional quality. That means few bugs, low maintenance costs and minimal hassle for you.

"By far the clearest explanation I have heard of how we should be using Puppet & most importantly how much easier it can all be! This is exactly the kind of help I was looking for from Ghyston: technical leadership through example." Julian Eatock, IOP Publishing

Reviewing your systems

We begin by conducting a thorough review of the technology you use and how you use it. We'll hold workshops with your technical team to get to understand your technology landscape, and then perform our own deep dive into your architecture and code. We'll then compile our findings into a report on your systems, which will give you a clear and confident understanding of the exact health of your software.

Improvements and suggestions

Once we've completed the audit, we'll identify the areas of the technology that are strong and those that need some attention. We'll provide you with pragmatic recommendations for improvement that need to be tackled in order to meet your business goals and requirements. These suggestions will be organised by business impact and ease of implementation, so that you can choose the optimal order to work through them.

Planning and roadmap

We'll draw up your "future perfect" target architecture and build a roadmap that lays out a step-by-step plan for getting there from where you are now. We'll recommend the tools and frameworks that will best help you achieve your goals, and suggest when to start adopting each one. This will cover the whole process from coding, through automated validation and testing, to DevOps release processes.

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