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Do you have a great idea or goal for your business, but you're not sure where to go next? We've worked on challenging software projects with companies of all sizes across several industries, and we would love to use this expertise and ingenuity to help refine your business case and define a software solution that will make a real difference to your business.

While our Agile processes embrace change, starting a software project with a clear vision and direction is essential to keep things on track and deliver successful outcomes.

You can expect:

Enabling your future growth

Whether designing or creating software, our experts are constantly thinking about how what we make will allow your business to scale without adding headcount. We help our clients work more leanly and efficiently.

Fit for purpose, first time around

We understand the importance of getting it right first time, and our experts will work with you to ensure that the solution does exactly what your users need - whether they are your internal staff or your potential customers.

Software your users will love

Our UX experts will work collaboratively with you and your user representatives to ensure that the software we create will be loved by your audience.

A solution that reflects your brand

From the design process through to the build, our team of designers and developers will create beautiful software that boosts the strength of your brand.

Reduced risk of unpredicted costs

Our meticulous and accurate scoping and estimation processes ensure that you won't be met with unforeseen costs later down the line.

Increased efficiency

Our consultants will help you optimise your business processes, reducing error rates and the burden on your staff, and maximising operational efficiency.

"Ghyston were fantastic. Their knowledge and attention to detail are a big part of the reason we were able to sell a wider project to our client. Finally, the quality of their work is outstanding." Justin Geldof, Newton Europe

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We can help ensure your investment will pay off. We will start by holding workshops to drill down into your business goals and see where the real value lies in your idea. From there we will help you quantify the value proposition and test it against your audience or market. This will give you a real understanding of the feasibility of the solution and the best direction to take it in.


Now we know where the business value lies, we can help you shape and define a technical solution to maximise that value.

Our UX experts will work directly with your stakeholders and users to evaluate their needs, and then create and test wireframe prototypes to create an optimal set of user journeys and features. We will then document the scope as user stories to accompany those wireframes.

Our technical experts will work with you to establish the technologies and architecture that best align with your business. They will then carry out a detailed estimating process so that by the end of the scoping process you will have a clear picture of not only what the solution could look like but also how much it is likely to cost


With the business benefits and costs defined, we can now help you create a complete business case and roadmap for bringing your idea to life.

This roadmap will break down the project into phases and lay out a clear path of costs, milestones and benefits to allow you to get from where you are to where you want to be. It will also clearly state all the dependencies and resources needed, and any risks and assumptions that we have made along the way.

This roadmap will not only have a detailed plan for the initial implementation but also a longer term view of the product's potential evolution, taking into consideration expected technological advances, trends in user demands and market change.

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