Rapid prototyping

Taking your idea straight from imagination to impact

Do you have an emerging business requirement but aren't sure where the biggest benefits are? Or perhaps you need to engage with your users early to gain crucial feedback. Or do you just want something useful as quickly as possible? Whatever the need, our team of experts will work quickly and iteratively with you to create working software that delivers value from day one.

Rapid prototyping is a great solution when you want to do something new and don't have a legacy system that needs to be replaced.

You can expect:

A ready-made team of experts

We are a team of independent yet collaborative experts, who can be trusted to get the job done. We can provide all the roles and skills you need to create amazing software, from design to DevOps.

Increased productivity

Our developers are really bright, which means you can expect better results, faster. We regularly benchmark ourselves against contractors and in-house developers, and our people are typically three times as productive.

Experience value quickly

When designing and creating solutions, we build fast, and release software that is usable quickly, so you can expect to see value straight away.

Enabling your future growth

Whether designing or creating software, our experts are constantly thinking about how what we make will allow your business to scale without adding headcount. We help our clients work more leanly and efficiently.

Software that flexes to your business

We create scalable software that can grow with your business volume. And it'll easily flex for new features too, so is always ready for business change.

Software your users will love

Our UX experts will work collaboratively with you and your user representatives to ensure that the software we create will be loved by your audience.

A solution that reflects your brand

From the design process through to the build, our team of designers and developers will create beautiful software that boosts the strength of your brand.

Peace of mind

Throughout the design, build and support lifecycle, we only do exceptional quality. That means few bugs, low maintenance costs and minimal hassle for you.

“Ghyston’s use of rapid prototyping gave us a working version of the software that delivered value from day one." Justin Geldof, Newton Europe

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Minimal overheads

You tell us where you want to go, and we will take you there. Whilst you remain in charge of the project direction, we will look after the management, scoping, and QA process, allowing you to focus on what it is you want to achieve, and deciding on what's most important to you.

Reusable value

The prototypes we create in this way are not throw-away. We incrementally build software that forms a solid foundation that can be built upon, which means that if and when you want to build on the features or performance, you won't need to start from scratch.

Rapid releases

We build quickly and iteratively. This ensures that you will get a working prototype early on in the project, and enables us to identify quickly whether the product will work. Releasing quickly and often also means that we're able to incorporate real user feedback early on in our development process, making sure we're delivering results that really make a difference.

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