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You may have a great idea for your business but need help clarifying the technical part. You might need help turning your digital transformation ideas into plans. Or you might benefit from a complete technical health check to give you peace of mind.

We can help.

Our team of software consultants will get to know your business needs and priorities, from both a technical and commercial perspective, to ensure that we can plan a unique solution that will really deliver value.

Through years of experience across many industries and technologies, we bring a diverse skillset and a fresh perspective, meaning that we can design innovative solutions to match even the most complex business requirements.

Getting to know you

During a discovery phase we aim to get to know you as a company - your ethos, processes and users, and get to know your technology – your platforms, infrastructure, and history. We can get on board quickly and use this learning to plan and advise on the best approaches to make the build phase as beneficial and cost-effective for you as possible. We can review Off-the-shelf (OTS) packages for you and we will suggest this route if it is right for you. We will dive into your requirements as far as we need in order to give you the confidence in the proposed design and build.

User-centred thinking

Our dedicated user experience (UX) team will join forces with technical leads and help you identify user groups, learn their requirements and motivations – or synthesise these into actionable user stories and early prototypes and sketches. Our experienced UX practitioners can use any tool or method to help make sense of it all – and to make your product as usable as possible.

Business Sense

The aims of a discovery phase may involve things you need to get your project running – this may include building business cases, planning roadmaps, and planning team engagements to create a practical and tangible plan. Whatever stage your requirements have got to, we will keep a firm eye on business value and help you to prioritise the ideas and stories which help you learn fast and create value quickly.

“One of the best development companies I've ever worked with; they deliver to time and cost, but most importantly they deliver high quality." Ashley Hewson, Unite Students


We’re a passionate team of problem solvers, who thrive on creating software solutions to solve even your toughest challenges. Whether that solution will be a website, mobile, desktop or server application, we have it covered.

Equipped with the very best technologies and design techniques, our team will work collaboratively with you throughout the software development process – from initial specification through to the design, development and delivery – as your trusted technology partner.

The result? A unique software solution that adds true value to your business immediately.


We place great emphasis on quality – our ultimate goal is to provide you with a solution that will offer significant value to your business. To ensure this:

  • All code is peer reviewed before we add it to the main repository
  • You can be confident all functionality is fit for purpose. Initial concepts and full user journeys are tested with users, requirements are workshopped with you, and developed functionality is tested by our QA team.
  • We design and review all user interfaces not just for ease of use, but for pleasure of use as well
  • We use automated tests at all levels against the codebase
  • A continuous integration server runs all tests and deploys the code to test environments every time we make a change.


We work best as an extension of your team. That way we can ensure that we understand exactly what you need, and create that, through the build process. It is also cost-effective. By working closely with you, we can utilise your existing resource and feed our knowledge of best practices back into your team.


We are completely transparent about project progress and love to get feedback to make sure that we are delivering exactly what you want. We encourage regular acceptance testing throughout the process, and user testing wherever we can.

“Ghyston’s use of rapid prototyping gave us a working version of the software that delivered value from day one." Justin Geldof, Newton Europe

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You’ve created a brilliant piece of software but now you need a team to maintain it. Or maybe you have a legacy system that needs untangling, but don’t have the time or resource to do it yourself. Whatever it is, you can rely on us.

Our team of software support experts will work with you as your dedicated partner, working not only to make sure that your critical systems stay running but constantly thinking about ways to keep improving them too.

You can focus on the business goals that really matter to you, with the confidence that your organisation is in safe hands.

Dedicated Support Team

Though individual developers will occasionally rotate to gain experience, our support team is a separate entity to our build team and has a dedicated head of support. This means your support needs are always top priority.


Not only do we keep the lights on, we also ensure your system meets your evolving business needs by consistently working through a prioritised backlog of work under your direction. We communicate progress with you with frequent demos, discussion about specific issues, as well as weekly calls and quarterly account meetings.


Our number one goal is to make sure that the system you rely on is always there when you need it. That’s why we build quality that lasts.


As well as a consistent quality of service, you will have key contacts and escalation points who will always be there when you need them, thanks to our exceptionally high staff retention.

“Ghyston are fantastic. Within hours of taking on support of our system they had fixed a critical issue. Their approach and communication is second to none." Melanie Knight, CEO of Deki

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