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Our comprehensive and consistent testing processes ensure quality at every stage

Focused on doing the right things the right way, striving to build quality into any project, product or process from the offset and devoted to surpassing customers’ quality expectations.

We take a preventative approach to ensure defects are caught early, whilst working closely with clients and users to ensure we meet the needs of all stakeholders and exceed quality expectations.

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Fraser Powell
Fraser Powell

Head of QA

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  • We are finding lots of defects

    We have rigorous testing procedures executed at various stages of the delivery process to ensure defects are identified and resolved before they reach production. We take a preventative approach that identifies and resolves defects early in the process to reduce costs associated with fixing and rework.

  • The test phase is causing a bottleneck and delaying releases

    Testing begins at the start of the project and continues through requirement gathering and documentation, analysis and design and the development phase to minimise testing and rework required during the test phase. We take an iterative Agile approach to ensure testing is implemented in a manageable and predictable way.

  • Our application doesn’t work as expected

    Our QA & test department work collaboratively with clients to understand the issues and challenges faced and to identify all the ‘needs’ and not just the ‘wants’. Clients will participate in frequent testing, reviews and demonstrations to ensure we fulfil the requirements of the business and the end-users and provide comprehensive holistic software solutions.

  • We don’t have any QA or test resource

    Our QA & test team can streamline processes effectively to match the structure and needs of your business to ensure QA & testing is implemented with minimal overheads on your team, whilst effectively improving the quality of your outputs.

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Providing a secure and stable customer-centric system

Creating a new application that supports and enhances business processes by allowing users to manage work efficiently and greatly reduces risk of error.

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Reduce risk

We take a preventative approach, implementing testing & QA early in the process to identify and resolve defects with minimal cost & effort.

Quality assurance

Focused on building the right solutions in the right way, we test & review the quality of all our processes and outputs throughout the duration of the project to ensure continuous improvement.

Increase confidence

Generate confidence amongst stakeholders through engagement, visibility and results. We work collaboratively with clients and users to deliver solutions that meet everyone’s needs.

“One of the best development companies I’ve ever worked with; they deliver to time and cost, but most importantly they deliver high quality.”

Ashley Hewson, Unite Students